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Male Escort Paris
James, an independent Straight Male Escort (Gigolo) aged 43
(white caucasian man, single, straight) who lives in Paris and I am available
very quickly. I can go to you or any other location of your choice.
I let you my website for information to people visiting
Are you tired of the daily routine and you aspire to live an experience full
of passion Before you think that this is not for you, know that for me every
woman is a world to discover…
You will find in the pages of this website information about my services, my
rates and opinions that have been written by customers.
Feel free to ask me questions about the job of Straight Male Escort (Gigolo)
or all questions that burn your lips. I’m here to help you in your quest for
well being. I enjoy being a women travel companion to please and seduce women.
I practice this activity in Paris, mainly because I love human
contact and make pleasant encounters. I enjoy fashion, art and culture,
discovering other life experiences. I appreciate the fineness of a friendly
dialogue accompanied with some candles.
I exercise this activity of escorting as soon as my schedule
permits. I do have other interests as well as other main activities. However, I
stick to what my services are always very professional and exactly to your
My first motivation to exercise this activity of straight male escort or
private coach is that I just want to combine business with pleasure, by
beautiful passionate encounters with personalities or who simply want to have a
good time in good company .

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